Fast acting cold therapy
    treatment gets your
    patience back to their best.


    Long lasting
    menthol formula
    cools the pain.


    Powerful menthol
    pain relief

  • Biofreeze can be used in the clinic before and after chiropractic care and
    by patients at-home and on-the-go for fast pain relief when needed.

  • In-clinic and patient
    At-Home Sizes.

  • Green and
    colorless Versions

  • Gel, Roll-On, Spray,
    and Gel Pump

  • Pre-treatment

    Apply to tight muscles, trigger points, and acute tender areas before treatment. Using Biofreeze to help manage your patient’s pain may reduce apprehension and increase satisfaction with your in-office care.

  • Post-treatment

    Provides an immediate and lasting cooling effect to help reduce acute pain, muscle tightness and discomfort for your patients. Use to extend your care beyond the patient’s office visit.

  • At home

    Help patients manage pain between visits by instructing them in using Biofreeze at home. Recommended frequency up to 4x per day for management of acute pain.